Truck/Train Loading Arms

Our top and bottom loading arms are designed for transferring fluids or gasses.

JLA offers a wide range of loading systems, including top and bottom loading arms which are commonly used for loading and unloading trucks and trains. Besides offering single or double loading arms JLA also has the capacity to design and manufacture a complete truck- and train loading station.

JLA Truck/Train Loading Arms

JLA provides a wide variety of truck/train loading arms. Top or bottom loading applications, supported or unsupported boom arms, fixed or variable reach arms, bypass and wash arms are all common applications we provide to customers.

The JLA loading devices manufactured by our company can be perfectly used to transport products under all stringent conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, high pressure and so on. Fluids are unloaded from tankers into tank trucks or railcars in accordance with their category or characteristics, and are then transported to a different location.


  • Easy to operate.
  • Accommodatings changes in elevation.
  • Available in steel , stainless steel , aluminum and specialty alloys.
  • Choice of flanged , threaded or all welded construction.

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Company details

Project details

Design data

AA min. Minimum height tank connection

AA max. Maximum height tank connection

BB. Distance centre inlet flange Centre tanker

CC. Height platform

DD. Height inlet connection Rising

EE. Height inlet connection Inverted

FF. Type inlet flange ASA/DIN

GG. Distance edge platform Centre inlet connection

HH. Width platform

JJ. Height roof above platform

KK. Distance centre inlet flange Safety rail

LL. Height safety rail above ground level

MM. Distance centre tanker Tanker side connection

NN. Height connection tanker

PP. Number of connections Distance between side

RR. Number of connections Distance between top

SS. Diameter top connection

TT. Type side connection

UU. Height safety rail on platform

XX. Number of connections Distance between inl

ZZ. Diameter tanker


B1. Free space form edge platform to centre inle

B2. Total free space from edge platform

L1. Free space from centre inlet connection

L2. Total free space


Quantity Truck & Train Loading Arm

Design Truck & Train Loading Arm

Vapor return arm

Vapor return arm diameter

Loading arm diameter

Flow rate

Design pressure

Operating pressure

Design Temperature

Operating Temperature

Loading arm materials

Seal materials



Flange connections

Balancing unit


Shutt-off valve

Level sensor / type

Emergency release system (ERS)

Valve switch

Park switch

Drain / purge connections

Tracing / Insulation

Vapour recovery cone

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NOTE: When dimensions of loading arm are specified by client than the below table should be completed. All dimensions in mm. Measured from Centreline to Centreline.

Dimensions by client

Boom length B-G type loaders

Primary arm length All loader types

Secondary arm length C-H type loaders

Hose assembly length All hose loaders

Drop tube / end assy All loaders

Test requirements

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